Catholic Life & Religious Education

Catholic schools, with RE at their core, are central to helping parents, priests and teachers to hand on the Deposit of Faith in its fullness to a new generation of young people.

Catholic Life

The Catholic Life of a School is about an educational endeavour centred on the person of Christ. The school’s Catholic identity and ethos should be explicit to the whole community and beyond.

Religious Education

The Religious Education of a school focusses on learning about religion, learning from religion and how learners become religiously literate.

Collective Worship & Prayer Life

Prayer, reflection, sacramental and liturgical celebrations are an integral part of life of a Catholic school. They provide an opportunity for staff and learners to develop a personal relationship with God.

Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE)

Relationships and Sex Education is part of the mission of our Catholic schools to educate the whole person. It should be carried out as part of a holistic education which seeks to form, as well as inform, young people in preparation for adult life. The resources and guidance in the 'RSHE Documents' section below have been developed using the expertise of teachers who deliver RSE and PSHE in a Catholic context, they are available for all schools to download.

Rainbows Bereavement Support

Rainbows is a programme that fosters emotional healing among children, young people and adults who are grieving a death, or any other significant loss in their lives. Our diocesan Rainbows Directors offer training to enable schools to establish peer support groups and deliver planned programmes. Rainbows offers three age appropriate programmes: Sunbeams for nursery and reception aged pupils, Rainbows for primary pupils and Spectrum for secondary school students.  Peer support groups allow participants to share their feelings in a secure environment supported by known, trained, caring and compassionate adults.