HR & Payroll

The clergy, staff and volunteers of our Diocese enable us to spread the Gospel message throughout Surrey, Sussex and Brighton. We take our responsibilities to our staff very seriously and will assist our stakeholders to achieve the strategic objectives of the Diocese which are Prayer, Formation and Mission, as outlined in Bishop Richard's 2030 plan 'The Word Who is Life'.

The Diocese is committed to paying all members of staff at a rate equal to or more than the government's National Living Wage, this is currently £12 per hour. The Arundel and Brighton Diocesan Trust employs more than 250 staff in parishes and in our diocesan offices. Staff members should refer any issues to the Chief Operating Officer, Sarah Kilmartin, who is based at The St Philip Howard Centre in Crawley. Sarah can be contacted by email.

HR support is provided by Maggie Wares, the Executive Assistant to the COO, Maggie can be contacted by email here. A senior HR consultant is retained to advise the Diocese on policies and employee engagement.

Employee Assistance Programme

All staff employed in our parish and diocesan offices and members of the clergy, are entitled to support from Help@Hand, our Employee Assistance Programme. An informative app, including a virtual GP and mental health sessions, is available - more details can be found below.

Employment Resources

Return to Work Meeting Form

Job Application Template

Moorepay: Login Guide for Staff

New Starter Form

Probation Form

Appraisal Form

Holiday Form


When is the monthly cut off for payroll and expenses?
All payroll and expenses forms must be received in Hove by the close of business on the 12th day of each month. Please send these to E:

How do I claim for mileage and other expenses?
Complete an expenses form and ensure it is signed off by the Parish Priest or diocesan officer who is expecting to receive it and scan a signed off copy to payroll by email. Expenses can be paid via payroll for staff. Please click here for the expenses form. If you are not a member of staff but are claiming expenses from the Diocese submit the form to E: Mileage can be claimed at 45p for the first 10,000 miles in each tax year and 25p per mile thereafter. Please keep a log of all mileage claimed.

I am a member of staff paid through the diocesan central payroll - How do I read my payslip?
To see your pay documents you need an email from our payroll provider Moorepay, you can then log on using the instruction booklet available in the Employment Resources section above. If you have not received an email from Moorepay please contact

Where can I see the Diocese's Employer’s Liability Insurance Certificate?
Please click below for the current Certificate.

Where can I access the latest Gender Pay Gap Report?
You can download a copy of the latest report below.