There are a variety of ways that you can help to raise money for our Pilgrim Assistance Fund. All proceeds are used to help our Assisted Pilgrims, and those who care for them in Lourdes. All money raised helps people who are unable to fund their trip in full come to Lourdes and have the experience of a lifetime. We thank you in advance for your generosity.


Fundraising Events

If you wish to create a Fundraising Event page, to raise money for our Pilgrim Assistance Fund, then please click here.

Standing Order

Some individuals prefer to support the pilgrimage by sending money to us using a monthly, quarterly or annual standing order. If you wish to contribute in this way, please click here.


Two important ways you can support the work of our Fund are by leaving a ‘Legacy’ or a ‘Gift in Memory’. 

Making a donation specifically in memory of a loved one who has died is known as a Gift in Memory. This type of gift does not need to be made in a Will and can be given at any time by contacting the Pilgrimage Office.

A legacy is a bequest to us in your Will. Legacies are very flexible way of giving and can take many forms, including a fixed sum of money, a specific possession which could be auctioned to raise funds for us, or a percentage of what remains of your estate after you have made provision in your Will for your family and friends. Legacies can also take the form of a trust, which allows you to leave something to a loved one for their lifetime with the provision that it will pass to the Pilgrimage after they have died.

If you are considering leaving us a legacy in your Will, please request an information pack from our Pilgrimage Office.
We recommend that you always use a solicitor or professional adviser to prepare your Will.