Join our Lent Invited Mission!

Hot on the heels of our Advent season, we are delighted to bring you the fourth season of Invited  this Lent. It is a deeper dive into our faith and is designed to help us grow as Disciples of Jesus by offering a richer level of formation as well as some practical challenges along the way. Suitable for those who have already said yes to Jesus and are looking for concrete ways to conform their lives more closely to Christ (if you don’t feel ready for that yet, why not watch season III? It will help you understand who Jesus is and just how much he loves you). We are joined this series by a collection of amazing Diocesan and Religious priests, who offer their insights into what it means to make Jesus the Lord of our lives, how we the Church can be the beacon of light this world needs, and also how we can be transformed by all that Mother Church has to offer.

Invited offers an opportunity to learn more about our wonderful faith, and to meet like-minded people. Taking part is easy, you simply watch each week's film - available on this page, via email if you sign up, and on social media - and use the accompanying resources to help you watch, reflect, and pray. There are a number of ways that you can get involved this year.

Following the Season

1.  Join your local Parish Invited Small Group: you can find out when and where your local group is meeting by checking your parish newsletter (which you can find in church or on the parish website). You find your nearest parish using our Church Finder Map. It isn't too late to organise and run a parish Invited group, to discover how your parish can get involved click here.

2. Follow the Season at home as an individual or as a family: you can use our Invited resources at home to help you spiritually prepare for Easter, and can even sign up have the resources and films emailed to you. It is a good idea to set aside an hour each week to make space to watch, reflect, and pray during this season of preparation and anticipation.   

3. Join our diocesan online group: our diocesan group will meet on Thursday evenings. Hosted by our Youth Adviser Lizzie, these sessions will enable you to watch each week's film, meeting others from across the Diocese and beyond with the opportunity to share, reflect, and interact with others from the comfort of your armchair. Click here to register your place.

If you have taken part in our mission before – you know what a wonderful experience it is. Why not take this opportunity to Invite someone else to join our Invited family? Simply use the invitation here to let them know when and where your group will meet.

To watch Invited Season III - Advent, click here and visit our Vimeo channel.

The films for our Lent Season will be available here:

Invited Season IV: Lent materials

How does Invited work?

We release a series of episodes each Invited Season, right here, on this web page. Each Season includes a range of great speakers, wonderful testimony, and engaging opportunities for prayer and reflection.

We recommend that you use a journal to write down your thoughts and reflections as the episodes progress - as each film includes questions for you to think and write about. Your journal responses will be particularly helpful if you join one of our brilliant parish groups (usually in person) or diocesan online follow up conversations with our Formation Team, that take place each week.

Being part of our Invited family

Our Lent Season includes a number of amazing diocesan and Religious priests, who offer their insights into what it means to make Jesus the Lord of our lives, how we the Church can be the beacon of light this world needs, and how we can be transformed by all that Mother Church has to offer.

Everyone is invited to be part of our Lent programme. Whether you take part in our Invited Mission through your parish, or online as part of our diocesan group, everyone watches the same episode and explores the same material each week.

Who Can Take Part?

The short answer is everyone! The purpose of our Diocese is to empower people of all faiths and none to encounter, and then grow in relationship with, Jesus Christ. As we grow in knowledge of Christ, we can allow ourselves to be transformed, impacting our own lives and the communities in which we live. So, if you feel you would like to know more about the Catholic faith, these are the resources for you. If you have never stepped over the threshold of a Church, or you have attended every day for the last 50 years, you are Invited!

Continuing the Mission - Getting Involved

There are a number of ways you can get involved in the Church both locally and across our Diocese, to find out more please contact our Formation Team.

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