Invited will continue on 19 October, the Feast of St Philip Howard,
with a series of six 'deep dive' films.

Episode Transcripts & Reflection Questions

Invited Monthly Reflections

Our Invited Mission Continues!

Our Invited Mission earlier this year brought people across the Diocese (and far beyond) together in faith, online. A second series of Invited, with online groups, will happen during Eastertide 2022, next year. In the meantime our Formation Team have devised a film series, with six episodes due to launch on 19 October, the Feast of St Philip Howard.

Autumn 2021 - Coming Soon...

Work is well underway on our Autumn Invited series. Films One, Two and Three will see guest speakers offer a ‘deep dive’ into the themes we explored during Invited Season One.

Films Four, Five and Six will offer a practical ‘How to’ exploring prayer, scripture, and faith in the family.

If you have already signed up to Invited - watch this space! If you haven't signed up yet and would like to receive a free monthly email reflection and updates about our Invited programme (including news about the upcoming series) contact our team.

Why ‘Invited’?

Even before Covid-19 the Church was experiencing a decline in numbers. How can we inspire people who worship at our churches to reach out to those who do not know the goodness of God? We can proclaim the Good News! And we use all that we have learnt during the pandemic to reach out in new ways.

Over the next five years we will be exploring God’s invitation to enter into relationship with Him and what that means for our lives. It will be a wonderful journey of discovery that helps us to know more deeply who we are in the eyes of God and to live authentically as His beloved. There will be challenges - we may have to take a 'long hard look' at ourselves - but by the end of the programme we aim to be transformed and empowered to become Spirit filled disciples who rejoice in God’s goodness and want to build His Kingdom here on earth.

Who can take part?

The short answer is everyone! this exciting five season programme will run until 2025 and is open to people of all ages - everyone is welcome and all are Invited.

There is no cost to take part though participants are encouraged to have a journal or notepad to hand so that they can write their thoughts and responses somewhere safe.

Getting Involved

There are a number of ways you can get involved in the Church both locally and across our Diocese. The following downloadable booklet lists just some of them. We hope that you will be engaged and inspired by the wide range of opportunities available, continuing our shared work and mission. Contact details are provided with each entry and we welcome people getting in touch, even if it’s just to find out more!

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