Season I & II of our Invited Mission 

Our Invited Mission began last year, bringing people from across the Diocese, and far beyond, together in faith, online.

Season I allowed us to explore the basic message of the Gospel; that we are created by a God of love, for a perfect relationship of love with Him, but that sadly our brokenness, weakness, and wounded nature means that we often turn away from Him – struggling to find our own paths to the peace and joy that only He can bring.

Season II of Invited, ‘Growing in Faith’ was all about our day-to-day experiences, the good and the bad, the highs and the lows, exploring what it really means to be a follower, or disciple of Jesus. You can watch Season II Episodes 1-6 below:

Season II - watch the episodes!

Episode Guide & Questions - and Transcripts

Our Invited Novena - Nine Days of Prayer

How does Invited work?

We release a series of episodes each Invited Season, right here, on this web page. Season I & II's episodes have included a range of great speakers, wonderful testimony, and engaging opportunities for prayer and reflection.

We usually recommend that you use a journal to write down your thoughts and reflections as the episodes progress - as each film includes questions for you to think and write about. These journal responses are particularly helpful if you join one of our brilliant parish groups (usually in person) or diocesan online follow up conversations with our Formation Team, that take place each week.

Being part of our Invited family

Whether you take part in our Invited mission through your parish, or online as part of our diocesan group, everyone watches the same episode and explores the same material each week, with groups also exploring the Mass readings for the coming Sunday.

If you haven't signed up to Invited yet and would like to receive a free monthly email reflection and updates about our Invited programme (including news about upcoming series) please contact our team.

Who Can Take Part?

The short answer is everyone! Over the next four years we will be exploring God’s invitation to enter into relationship with Him and what that means for our lives. It will be a wonderful journey of discovery that helps to live authentically as His beloved. There will be challenges - we may have to take a 'long hard look' at ourselves - but by the end of the programme we aim to be transformed and empowered to become Spirit filled disciples rejoice in God’s goodness and  His Kingdom here on earth.

Continuing the Mission - Getting Involved

There are a number of ways you can get involved in the Church both locally and across our Diocese. We will be sharing just some of these after Season II has completed.

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