Fr Sebastian Paul

Vocation Story

'After entering the seminary, I felt I was in the right place.'

When did you first feel called to the priesthood?

My path to priesthood was quite straight although it did not feel that way when I was discerning my vocation. I come from a Catholic family with lots of aunties, uncles, my parents' friends and acquaintances involved in the life of the local parishes. I attended Catholic grammar school run by the Oratory Fathers in Radom, Poland, and it was there where I felt a strong impulse to think about doing something more for God and to take my faith seriously. 

Were your friends and family supportive of your call?

My family preferred me to postpone my decision until I got some professional experience. I started my studies, but the call was becoming stronger and clearer. 

Did you have any doubts?

After entering the seminary, I felt I was in the right place. I had some doubts whether I would rise to the calling but thanks to the great help and assistance of the spiritual directors I managed to mature to make the final decision. 

Have you been able to maintain the hobbies and interests you had before you became a priest?

The pastoral model of priesthood that we saw in the ministry of St John Paul II has accompanied me throughout my life since and for that reason it was not easy to keep some of the hobbies. I managed to make use of them for the benefit of the communities and groups I was looking after.

What brings you most joy as a priest?

I enjoy most being with the people and running with them some pastoral and non-pastoral projects (like ski or bike camps for students from the parish groups etc.). 

What would be your advice to someone trying to discern their vocation?

My advice for the candidates for priesthood would be finding a spiritual director and with his help discerning the vocation.