Students at St Richard's Catholic College in Bexhill go above and beyond this Lent.

April 1, 2022

We are always delighted to hear how many students in our Catholic schools get involved in life beyond the classroom.

At St Richard’s Catholic College in Bexhill, assemblies this term have focused on Lent with students and staff preparing themselves individually and collectively for Easter. The many students who took the opportunity to participate in Reconciliation on Friday, 18th March showed their commitment to their faith.

The school's form classes have also been working together to raise money for charitable causes. In particular, 7L raised £226.40, over four days, selling cakes at lunchtime and 7U raised over £600 selling peace ribbons to support the school’s fundraising for the people of Ukraine.

Well done to everyone who helped fundraise for our sisters and brothers in need in Ukraine.