St Richard’s Catholic College #deletethehate Week.

June 28, 2021

Recently St Richard’s Catholic College had a special week of assemblies, pledges, lessons & conversations on how we can collectively respond & essentially delete the lies & hate from inboxes, screens & social interactions.

The theme has taken place across all subject areas and pupils have responded thoughtfully and kindly.  Lessons have been strongly supported by PC Charlotte Williams who has led lessons around Hate Crime and the law and Dave Law from the Safer East Sussex Team.  Andrew Wright, from Action Your Potential, provided a very interesting webinar on how our brains respond to images and words of hate online and how our wellbeing is improved when we are reminded that we also have in our power the block, mute and delete,
Our young people have engaged strongly in discussions on what actions we can all take not only to speak out about injustice but how we can also protect ourselves from some of the hate and negativity being seen online in the world today.

Moving work has been produced through art, poetry, dance and music and other subject areas have opened up debate on what is being seen in the news and how we can process and respond to inequality and injustice.

Mrs Bligh, Vice-Principal, leading on the campaign said, I am, as always, so proud and impressed with how well our pupils have engaged with this topic. So many have worked on assemblies and created videos and presentations to really help us think deeply about the theme. Their support of one another and desire to make the world a better place is inspirational.

Choir leader, Mrs Byrne, has been working with the Year 7 Choir to create this wonderful version of ‘Rise Up’ for the campaign. You can watch the wonderful video below.