St Peter’s International Club raised over £796 for Ukraine.

April 7, 2022

The International Club at St Peter’s Catholic School in Leatherhead has been busy this Lent.

St Peter's International Club meets once a week to write letters and communicate with others around the world and when the war in Ukraine started, they were determined to do something to help. They decided to organise a 'bring and buy' toy sale, which they held during the school day with every class having a chance to visit. This raised a brilliant £367.

The International Club also held a 'Blue & Yellow' day. As Mia and Emelia explain:

"We had a blue and yellow day because blue and yellow are the colours of the Ukrainian flag."

Blue & Yellow day raised another £429.60 giving them a grand total of £796.60 raised for the DEC Ukraine Appeal.

A very big well done to all the International Club members at St Peter’s for all their hard work.