Rosie champions protecting our common home, the planet.

April 20, 2021

Protecting the environment has never been more important.

The eyes of the world are on the UK this year as Britain hosts world leaders for the United Nations' climate change talks. The event will see leaders make important decisions that will shape the future of people across the world.

CAFOD have launched an initiative to mark this important occasion and help fight climate crisis, The Eyes of the World campaign. Rosie Packham, aged 12, from the Parish of St. Cuthbert in Egham has made a poster in support of CAFOD’s campaign. The poster is accompanied by a beautiful poem which you can read here:


The Eyes of the world are on us,

How will we respond?

My home, your home, our home,

It belongs to everyone.

God’s gift to us

A sacred space, listen to it’s cry,

We must work together, we must unify.

Love is a decision so let’s choose to do what’s right.

Let’s share, let’s serve, let’s think of others,

With all our hearts and minds.

The eyes of the world are on us.

How will you respond?  

Our thanks to Rosie for sharing her wonderful work.

Are you interested in protecting our environment and championing care for our common home?

The Diocese supports a fantastic initiative called the Journey to 2030, you can find out more about their work by visiting their website or sending them an email.