New Catenian Circle inaugurated in Bexhill, with 23 new Syro-Malabar Catholic members

March 22, 2024

Brother Arun Moozhiplackal shakes hands with another brother as he is enrolled as the membership officer. Other brothers look on.

The new "Bexhill St Thomas 259 Catenians Circle" was inaugurated on Sunday 10 March. The Catenians are a global network of Catholic men who meet regularly to socialise, encourage each other in the practice of the faith, and support a range of charitable projects. Members' wives and families also get involved and for many, lifelong friendships are the result. Founded in Manchester in 1908, Catenians can now be found in many countries.

Catenian Circles in the UK raised over £250,000 in the past year for local charities as well as supporting the Association’s two in-house charities; the Benevolent Fund which supports members and their families and the Bursary Fund which sponsors young persons in projects contributing to wider society at home and abroad - including on our diocesan pilgrimage to Lourdes.

The start of a Catenian Circle is always something to celebrate but this one is also a "first" as its principal main membership will include 23 Syro-Malabar Catholics each of whom has joined the Association just this year. They will be joined by six brothers of the HasBex 66 Circle Council to advise and assist the new Circle as it grows within Province 18 and the Association. The new Circle also enjoys a list of Visiting Gentlemen - men who attend their meetings but are not yet members - which will doubtless add to its numbers within the next few months. Brother Arun Moozhiplackal (pictured second from right) was enrolled as the Circle Membership Officer at the inauguration event.

Source: Sussex Catenians