Petworth and Midhurst's Parish Family Group send school bags to Malawi.

April 21, 2022

Petworth and Midhurt Parish Family Group members came together throughout March to make and donate 31 school backpacks for the charity Mary’s Meals. The backpacks, which were filled with a range of much-needed school clothing including: vests, t-shirts, and trainers for a range of different age groups - were shipped to Malawi at the begging of April. A fantastic team effort for a wonderful cause!

Donations to Mary's Meals enable the charity to feed 2,279,941 children every school day. Between 2016-2021, the charity conducted research on the impact of their work in Malawi and Zambia (this research was independently assessed, evaluated and verified by the International NGO Training and Research Centre, INTRAC).

The research demonstrates that, as well as attracting children into the classroom, school feeding has the power to improve concentration and participation in class, as well as increasing children’s overall happiness. It is therefore a key investment in a country’s future and a cost-effective route out of poverty in the long-term.

The charity are inviting individuals, churches and faith groups to pray with them throughout the month of May, that their work will continue to flourish and grow, and that more children throughout the world will see their lives transformed by receiving a daily meal in a place of education. You can find out more and access resources for Catholics on their website here.