Our Deeper Dive Invited films are bringing the Good News to people across our community!

November 29, 2021

Invited is a five-year mission from our Formation Team, taking place within our Diocese 2021-25. Season One began during Lent this year, with our first Invited film series launching at the beginning of Autumn 2021.

The film series comprises of five films available on our Invited page. They are intended to help us to understand some of the basic tenets of our faith – offering a ‘deeper dive’ into some of the themes explored during the Lent series of our Invited mission. Subjects include: God’s love as revealed in the Old Testament, Salvation, and a very well received practical guide to prayer.

Ann and Vince contacted our team to share their thoughts on Film Four: Prayer, with Fr Stephen Ortiger:

"A big thank you for the work you are doing on the Invited program. I really enjoyed the zoom calls earlier in the year. The deep dive films are not what I expected - they are not what I would have called 'old school' Catholicism. They are clever, well put together and insightful. I have watched the first 4 so far. I really didn’t expect a monk of 60 years standing to be able to relate to me about prayer. Rev Dom Fr Stephen Ortiger was really touching. I listened to his every word which is kind of amazing for me." - Ann

Vince also enjoyed Film Four:

"I found all five films worthwhile, though the explanation on prayer by Fr Stephen Ortiger OSB I found extremely reassuring and helpful in many ways. You may like to know that I have watched this video several times because it encourages all to go 'that step further' beyond recitation of 'set prayers' . . .  I pray that many others will find the time to ponder the message in this video." - Vince

Lizzie, our Youth Adviser and Invited Lent 2021 presenter said:

"We are delighted to receive such positive feedback as a result of these videos. Films One to Five are really impacting peoples' lives and bringing them a greater understanding of our faith. The series was born out of feedback we received from our Lent series of Invited and are a direct response to themes and questions people had asked us to explore - which is great. Our next season of Invited, with online groups, is taking place after Easter next year - we look forward to journeying with everyone again then."

Thank you to Ann and Vince, and all those who have taken the time to email us about their experience of Invited. Our Invited community is reaching new people all the time - if you would like to sign up, it's not too late! To receive our monthly Invited reflection email please contact our team. To discover Films One to Five please visit our Invited page.