Headteacher and founder of the Bee-Lieve Foundation to speak at The Shard.

September 19, 2023

We are delighted to report that Steve Tindall, headteacher at Holy Family Catholic Primary School in Addlestone, and founder and trustee of the Bee-lieve Foundation - a charity supporting children’s mental health - is taking part and presenting at the 'Can Anyone Hear Me?' Mental Health Summit at The Shard in London on 21 September.

Can Anyone Hear Me? is an initiative borne from the desire to raise awareness of the mental health crisis in children and young adults – to give them a voice.

The 2023 Summit will look closer at Generation Alpha and have a conversation around how we prepare this generation of children for tomorrow’s world.

The Bee-lieve Foundation's mission is to help young people and their families deal positively with the challenges and trauma caused by mental health issues. Far too many members of our society currently have their lives turned upside down by anxiety, attachment disorders, stress, low self-esteem or depression. The Bee-lieve Foundation wants to change this, supporting our community by providing specific training for teachers, Learning Support Assistants, parents and carers which facilitate intervention programmes in schools to directly support young people struggling with their mental health and well being.