Good Shepherd 2021 - Download the Video and Resources.

June 15, 2021

Dear Colleagues,

Please find the link to the Good Shepherd pre-recorded liturgy here. It has been a journey of discovery for our schools and Missio to record and send each video, compress them, edit them and make them into the liturgy that we have. The idea of this being pre-recorded is that you can view the liturgy when it suits you and your school.

Bishop Richard has become a professional at recording Vimeo videos and we are so grateful to him for his words, reminding us of how we can all be ‘Good Shepherds’ in our own lives and that we need go nowhere else but to scripture to be reminded of how to follow in the Lord’s footsteps.

We have attached the words to the hymns and the words to the bidding prayers so that, if you wish to, you can sing along and join in with the prayers.

The messages from the children who have been supported by Mission Together are truly magical and remind us that all our efforts to support these children, no matter how small, is welcomed with love. Let us all remember as we pray together the joy that the Good Shepherd gave to Fr Martin Jakubas and the joy he gave to us with his enthusiasm, especially when singing  ‘ I will sing your praises’ sung today for us by his treasured school St Joseph’s Haywards Heath.

A huge thank you again to Bishop Richard, to all the schools that have taken part in this liturgy, to Deacon Jon Harman and finally Claire and her colleagues at Missio for putting this together. Materials to support your Good Shepherd celebrations can be accessed below.

With love and prayers

Sarah Feist

Lead Officer | RE & Catholic School Inspection