Fr Stephen Ortiger Requiescat in Pace

January 29, 2024

The image shows Fr Stephen in close-up, wearing glasses, head tilted, smiling at the camera.

The Abbot and Community of Worth Abbey have announced with sadness that Fr Stephen Ortiger died peacefully among his monastic brethren on 27 January, after a short illness. He had been diagnosed with terminal cancer only two weeks earlier, and the disease advanced very quickly. During his final days, Fr Stephen was generously supported by the prayers and goodwill of his many friends and those among whom he ministered. The Abbot and Community of Worth thanked all those who have written to Fr Stephen, prayed for him, and carried his wellbeing in their hearts in so many ways. May he rest in peace and rise in glory.

The Community of Worth has shared details of Fr Stephen's Funeral Mass which will take place at Worth Abbey on Saturday 17 February at 10.30am, followed by a reception. The funeral will be livestreamed for those who wish to attend virtually.

We know that many friends of Fr Stephen may wish to attend his funeral, it will assist the organisation of the day if you are able to indicate your attendance by completing this form. Parking arrangements will be in place as you arrive at Worth.

The Abbey have kindly requested no flowers. Those who wish to are invited to donate to the Fr Stephen Ortiger Bursary Fund. Contributions to the fund will provide financial support to those who would otherwise have found a visit to the Worth Abbey Retreat Centre unaffordable. You can make a donation here.

The black and white image shows Fr Stephen at the Grotto in Lourdes, vested in white for Mass. He is giving communion to a seated person and Host is held out in front of him. A hand in the foreground holds an umbrella and a young woman helper watches on, over his left shoulder.
The colour image shows Fr Stephen in clerical black, seated in the Eglise Ste Bernadette in Lourdes, with a young woman helper who is also grinning at the camera. It would seem that she has borrowed his hat! Other pilgrims - Redshirts and Blue shirts - are visible in the background.

Source: Worth Abbey