English Martyrs campaign letters are presented to the Prime Minister!

October 10, 2023

The Key Stage 2 children at English Martyrs Catholic Primary School in Worthing started the new school year with finding out about the 'Send My Friend to School' campaign. They learnt about what stops other children across the globe from accessing an education, why this is an urgent priority and what can be done.

By taking part in the 'Send My Friend to School' campaign, the children have joined with international development Non Government Organisations (NGOs), teachers unions and charities in demanding that all children across the globe have access to a quality education. They then invited Sir Peter Bottomley, their local MP, into school so that they could share what they had learnt. They explained to him that their school is a 'learning community in Christ', and they also want all children to be part of a global learning community, but this must be supported by the UK government.

Sir Peter was presented with over one hundred letters from the children asking the government to Prepare, Protect, Invest and Act to improve the future of the 222 million children whose right to an education has been disrupted. They also gave a presentation about why they feel that this is such an important priority for the government at this time and ideas for how Sir Peter could help. The children were delighted that Sir Peter promised to share their message with Rishi Sunak when he saw him that weekend, and he later wrote to the children saying that the book of letters had been passed to the Prime Minister's team to review and action.

The children at English Martyrs Primary School worked incredibly hard on their letters to Sir Peter and are passionate about making a difference. The staff have been very proud of how much effort they have put into this campaign and how confidently they presented their ideas to Sir Peter.

All schools are invited to get involved with the Send My Friend campaign - visit for a free teaching resource pack with everything needed to take action on this important issue.