Catholic Bishops have found the ultimate environmental tonic!

May 4, 2021

Catholic Bishops have found the ultimate environmental tonic – a gin distillery – to fuel their green energy drive!

The Catholic Church is now the biggest purchaser of green energy in England and Wales, Bishops have revealed. Churches, church halls and presbyteries [including those in our Diocese] are all now using green energy through an interdiocesan project – with more than three-quarters of their gas derived from a Scottish gin distillery. You can read more in The Tablet.

Our Diocese was the third Catholic Diocese in England and Wales to divest from fossil fuels. Speaking in May last year Bishop Richard said: “Care for the world that has been given to us is an increasingly pressing need. It is therefore timely that the Diocese of Arundel & Brighton divests from fossil fuels. This positive step will contribute to the common good and, I trust, pave the way for further practical action to safeguard this and future generations.”

There are a range of opportunities within our Diocese to actively protect our planet. Visit the Journey to 2030 website or contact our Environment Group to find out more.