Cafod and the SVP join forces to ensure that the "Catholic Voice" is heard

March 19, 2024

Four hands, with stickers saying 'Vote' stuck to the back of each

More than half the world's population is eligible to vote in government elections this year, with the results of these elections forecast to have a significant impact on global governance and stability. CAFOD and the St Vincent de Paul Society (SVP) have joined forces to launch a campaign called "A Year of Encounter", aimed at maximising the "Catholic voice" at the next UK General Election, and ensure politicians make tackling poverty a priority.

The common good is reached when people work together to improve the lives of all those in our local communities and in the wider world. With more than 5 million Catholics in the UK, the next general election is an opportunity to focus attention on the big issues of our time, including the cost-of-living crisis. The UK has some of the highest regional inequalities in Europe, with some areas experiencing stark and growing rates of poverty, and millions of people below the poverty line without the support and opportunities they need to thrive.

In order to arrive at the polling station as well informed as possible, it is important to know our prospective MPs' views on the issues that matter to us. To this end, the SVP and CAFOD are inviting parishes to reach out to their local political candidates ahead of the next election, strengthening community participation as a local faith group, and practicing the "culture of encounter" that Pope Francis has highlighted.

To find out more about the campaign and download a range of resources, click here and visit the SVP website. To find out more about registering to vote in the UK and which ID you need to bring with you if voting in person, visit the Government website.