Hundreds of members of Brighton & Hove Citizens UK to attend an Assembly focusing on Mental Health.

October 11, 2021

Citizens UK is a people power alliance of diverse local communities working together for the common good. Their mission is to develop local leaders, strengthen local organisations which are the lifeblood of their communities and make change.

Over the last few months, a large and intensive listening campaign has been conducted across Brighton and Hove. Thousands of people have been involved, listening to each other, sharing experiences about mental health and talking about mental health services, what support they have received, or would like to see improved.

On Thursday 14th October, hundreds of members of Brighton & Hove Citizens will attend an Assembly focusing on Mental Health across the region. The Assembly will involve dozens of students, teachers and parents from Cardinal Newman Catholic School in Hove and East Brighton Catholic Parish.

The Assembly is the culmination of months' of work, involving over 5,500 people. After many week's of listening, priorities to improve the mental wellbeing of people have been identified with ambitious proposals drafted and shared with key decision makers at Brighton & Hove City Council and  Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. Local Members of Parliament have also actively participated.

This Thursday's Assembly will provide an important opportunity for Brighton & Hove Citizens to share its proposals publicly with those key decision makers, and for those same stakeholders to make commitments to collaborate across the city to practically improve services.