Bishop Richard celebrates a very special Leavers’ Mass.

July 21, 2021

St Joseph’s Specialist Trust said a fond farewell to their 2020-21 Leavers earlier this week. Bishop Richard celebrated this very special Leavers’ Mass in the outside marquee and included conferring the rites of Confirmation and the Eucharist to one of the Leavers, Jamie Chiverton. Jamie was accompanied by his very proud parents and Annie Sutton the Executive Principal felt very privileged to be Jamie’s sponsor as he took the name of Joseph.

All Leavers were presented with a blessed holding cross to comfort them in their journey ahead into adult life, as well as to remind them of their time at St Joseph’s.

St Joseph’s Specialist Trust provides Catholic Specialist Education for students with complex and severe learning disabilities aged 5-19. The Trust has a residential 52 week children’s home at the main site and also has two adult supported living houses nearby. If you would like to know more about the Trust, find out how you can get involved or support their unique and vital work, please visit the school's website.  

The Diocese wishes to thank Annie Sutton for sharing this article with us.