Joining us on pilgrimage is an experience like no other. The following photographs include our five most recent pilgrimages, highlighting important elements of our time in Lourdes:  the many Masses we celebrate, our time together at the Sanctuary, the beautiful processions we undertake and the huge amounts of fun we have.

If there is an photograph you would like to have a digital copy of, please click on the image, this will take you to our Flickr site where you can download it. Please consider making a small donation to pilgrimage funds, if you are able to.

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ABLP 2017
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Lourdes Pilgrimage Music CDs

Music is an integral part of the pilgrimage and is one of the memories our pilgrims take home with them. We have recorded a series of pilgrimage music CDs which reflect the nature of those on pilgrimage; diverse in age and needs yet travelling together on a personal journey of faith.

The following tracks have been produced by Herald AV Publications, under the direction of Anne Ward. If you would like to purchase a CD as a lasting reminder of your time in Lourdes, please contact our Pilgrimage Office. Parish musicians, schools, prayer groups and others may find this music a beautiful and useful resource.