Our Seminarians

Deacon Gary Carter

Gary is in his sixth year of seminary formation. He was ordained to the diaconate at Westminster Cathedral in June 2024 and is currently at Allen Hall in London. Gary says:

'I am from the Parish of St Erconwald in Walton on Thames and am now in seminary at Allen Hall. I studied Theology at the University of Chester for my undergraduate and masters degrees. After university, I worked at the local Catholic secondary school before beginning seminary. During this time, I was received into the Church and eventually began the formal process of discernment for the priesthood (after some years of prayer and many good conversations regarding vocations). I have spent time on placements in Chichester, Worthing, Horsham and Woking and Christ the Prince of Peace, Weybridge.'

Deacon Scott Coleman

Like Gary, Scott was ordained to the diaconate at Westminster Cathedral in June 2024 . Scott is also in his sixth year of seminary formation and says:

‘I was baptised in the Church of England while studying Law at university, and soon began exploring ideas about vocation. I spent some time working in parishes in central London to try it out, and then began training for the Anglican ministry. During that time I felt the pull of the Universal Church and became a Catholic. After a year’s placement in a Catholic parish I went to the English College in Valladolid, Spain, for an introductory year. I have just finished a year’s placement in Guildford Parish, which was a fruitful, enjoyable, at times challenging, and truly blessed year of active ministry. I return for two more years’ study at the seminary with a renewed sense of purpose and joy in my vocation.'

Barnabas Mercer

Barnabas Mercer is in his second year at the Venerable English College in Rome, Italy. He says:

‘I grew up in Rottingdean in the parish of Our Lady of Lourdes. After college, I read Theology at university, where I sensed a call to priesthood as my studies concluded. I continued my discernment whilst working in education, primarily in a pastoral capacity, before entering formation. I am currently at the Venerable English College studying Philosophy at the Angelicum.'