Insurance is dealt with at the Finance Office in Hove.
Contact us on or 01273 859705

Claims Procedure

Parishes must contact the Diocesan Finance Office in the event of a liability claim being instigated by a third party against the Church. Parishes should inform the Diocesan Finance Office of any injuries to third parties even though a claim may seem unlikely. Claims made by the parish for property, personnel for travel etc are also routed through the Diocesan Finance Office.

Property Insurance

Our Property Insurance is provided by the Catholic National Mutual Ltd.

Travel Insurance

Our travel insurance covers staff on business travel, and also covers all clergy and active deacons under the age of 75.  All travel must be notified to the insurer before it takes place.

Employer's Liability Insurance

To see our current Employer's Liability Insurance Certificate click below.

Healthcare Scheme

A healthcare scheme is provided for diocesan clergy.