March deadline for vulnerable groups safeguarding training

January 13, 2021

Safeguarding Coordinator

** Safeguarding Awareness Training - March 2021 deadline **

It is the firm expectation of the Bishop, Trustees and Safeguarding Commission that all those working with vulnerable groups including: children, young people or adults at risk, undertake Diocesan Safeguarding Awareness Training. This is not dependent on their role being eligible for a DBS check. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic training can be achieved by individuals completing the relevant EduCare/Tes module(s) online.

The Diocesan Safeguarding Commission fully expects all those engaged in this important ministry to complete mandatory training by the end of March 2021. Completion of this training is required if individuals wish to continue working with vulnerable groups.

If you have completed diocesan face to face training in the last 3 years, your training requirements are up to date. If you have not completed diocesan Safeguarding Training in the last 3 years you must complete the relevant online EduCare/Tes module(s) before the end of March:  

- If you are involved in ministry with Children you must complete the EduCare Child Protection module.  

- If you are involved in ministry with Vulnerable Adults/Adults at Risk (e.g. as an Extra Ordinary Minister of Holy Communion) you must complete the EduCare Safeguarding Adults module.

- If you are engaged in online ministry you must complete the EduCare Online Safety module.

- If your training is almost 3 years old and due to expire you should complete the Child Protection or Safeguarding Adult Refresher module.

To register for EduCare Training, please email our safeguarding team with your full name, role and parish.

Do you have a new group of volunteers without safeguarding training commencing ministry with Vulnerable Groups in your parish? The Safeguarding Team are able to provide a Zoom session for up to 10 people. Please email our Safeguarding Officer if you would like to arrange this.