Children from St Hugh of Lincoln produce beautiful work for our diocesan Day of Prayer

December 15, 2020

Lead Officer for RE and CSI

'In November we celebrate the Feast of our school patron Saint St. Hugh. This year we celebrated for a whole week and we incorporated the Diocesan Day of Prayer into our celebrations.

In Reception, we watched the Bishop’s video and shared the story of Jesus calming the storm.

In year 1 we explored Marks Gospel. We read chapter 6:45-51 where Jesus walks on water. We thought about what the disciples would have been thinking when they watched Jesus walking by. We then asked each other if we have faith in Jesus. Finally, we created our own interpretations of the Gospel reading.

In Year 2 we listened to the message from Bishop Richard, we drew around our hands and wrote five ways that we could offer hope to others.

In Year 3 we have all painted a hand print to promise that we will spread hope in our lives. We have written on our hands to show 5 ways that we can spread hope. On our shoe prints we have explained what we have done in our lives to go that extra mile for someone. We also wrote a prayer to thank God for giving us hope in our lives and to ask for help to spread hope amongst us.

In year 4 we looked at different parts of Mark's Gospel. We then drew our own illustrations inspired by the poster that we saw and reflected upon how they showed hope, faith, love and joy.

We then made prayer bunting thanking God for giving us hope. Finally, we decided that as school and St Hugh are a symbol of hope for many of us, our decorations of our prayers were inspired by our mission statement.

In Year 5 we watched Bishop Richard’s sermon on hope. We made our own prayers of hope.

In Year 6 we focussed on learning how to use ‘Lectio Divina’ and the meaning of the four key words. Children were able to respond in any way they wanted: we had stories, art works, songs, mnemonics, debate, poems, prayers, planned a good deed in response to the story of the ‘Widow’s Mite’ (Luke 21 1-4).'

Our thanks to Mrs. E. Rose for sending in this wonderful account. You can visit the school website here.